love too...

Love too much? Love too fast? Love too loud?

We have comfy and stylish shirts that tell the WORLD how you show your love.

First, let me tell you our story.


When my son Tripp was about two years old, he wasn't speaking how we thought he should. One of the things we worked on saying was "I love you". As most moms do, I was stressing that it was taking him longer than it should. I had his speech tested, worked with, tested again....

One day, completely unexpected, those gorgeous blue eyes looked right at me and said "love too"! I knew exactly what he meant.  He may not have said "I love you" PERFECT, but it stuck. Instead of saying "I love you" he said "love too" for about a year. My baby boy is now 6 years old and our ENTIRE family (including his 6 foot/ 25 year old macho uncle), and friends have added "love too" into our vocabulary. It has since been a dream to have a store and name it "love too" to remind myself and others that love doesn't have to be PERFECT.

We want to share our sweet little saying with you. Inspired by that chubby little 2 year old, we have created a brand that lets you wear your love proud! We believe love comes in all shapes, sizes, forms, strengths, and weaknesses... and we will wear it proud!